like literally if lexa had even just like fucking died on the battlefield or something that would have been different

we would have been upset that we lost yet another lesbian character but you know what like Fuckign hell it would have been in her character and it would have been in the world and we would be like okay we still have Clarke at least she won’t die

But no

This is literally the worst fucking way you could have done this you just recreated by fucking rote the exact mechanics of the scene that solidified the dead lesbian trope and made an entire generation of queer girls forever nervous about any media that does so much as acknowledge us

But no

you had to kill her on the heels of a love scene you had to kill her with a lazy stray bullet meant for her lover you had to kill her in a way that literally says “this love got you killed” and i cant believe for a while there i really thought I could trust a show but they will never truly get where we are coming from when we say that you can’t operate like you’re writing in a vacuum