Why is supernatural in the straight list?

Because the main characters are straight men.

Look at all that body language and say that again…..

Because the main characters are straight men.

I don’t even watch this show and I know that Dean and Cas are the farthest from hetero what the fuck

Note to future people who would like to add comments similar to this:

Queerbaiting. Is. Not. Representation.



tv-series with LGBT characters “The Simpsons” – Smithers, Patty, Duffman, Mr. Largo and Mrs. Pommelhorst. “YuYu Hakusho” – Itsuki Miyuki Sensui. “Sailor Moon” Sailor Uranus and Neptune, Sailor Starlights, Kunzite, Zoisite and Fish-Eye. “Gargoyles” – Lexintong (Gay, but never explored). “South Park” – Big Gay Al, Stephen Stotch, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave and Jimbo Marsh. “King of the Hill” – Bug Gribble, Juan Pedro, Carlyon/Jaime. “Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World” – Rick Brocka, Steve Ball, Kirsten Kellogg, Dana Bernstein, Chuck Masters and Evan Martinez. “The Cleveland Show” – Kevin Tubbs and Terry Timple. “Archer” – Ray Gillette, Pam Poovey and Woodhouse. “Adventure Time” – PB and Marceline. “Chozen” – Chozen and Hunter. “Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san” – Yachiyo Inugami and Suzu Nekoyama. “The Legend of Korra” – Korra and Asami Sato. “Steven Universe” – Ruby and Sapphire.

Here, have lesbian theme tv-series without repeating any of the above.

The L Word, Sugar Rush, A Girl Thing, Orange Is the New Black, South of Nowhere, Girl Seeks Girl, Starting From… Now, Anyone But Me, Girl/Girl Scene, Producing Juliet, The Girls Guide, Easy Abby, Kiss Her I’m Famous, Cowgirl Up, We Have to Stop Now, Venice the Series, B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye, Between Women and #Hashtag: The Series

Here, Gay-themes tv-series or tv-series with gay men 

Queer as Folk, Shameless, Oz, Will & Grace, Melrose Place, Three’s Company, Reno!, Dynasty, The Amazing Race, Queer as Folk, Little Britain, Drawn Together, Are You Being Served?, The Class, The Kids in the Hall, Venice the Series, Veronica’s Closet, Queer Eye, True Life, The Lair, The Book of Daniel, Watch Over Me, As If, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Do Not Disturb, In Between Men, Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World, Wasteland, Hot L Baltimore, Flikken, It’s All Relative, Clase, Brothers, Les bleus: premiers pas dans la police, Shindig!, The st Shop of Coffee Prince, Personal Taste, An American Family, Some of My Best Friends, Metrosexuality, Vampires: Brighter in Darkness, Oh Grow Up, Bump!, Yo soy Bea, All stars De serie, Friends and Benefits, Agony, Two Faces, Sngle, Gay Straight or Taken?, Oi aparadektoi, Full Frys, In the Big House, Crazy Venice Apartment, David, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl
Revelations, Rude Britannia, Yallahrup Færgeby, Sara, VH Legends, Under the Pink Carpet, Shirts & Skins, La esquina, Gregory Way TV, Real Women II, First Comes Love, For a Green Card, Sexto sentido, NewNowNext Music
Jes, Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, Chris & Co, Hot Gay Comics, Ella, Brotherhood TV, My Fabulous Gay Wedding, Tonight at Ferlinghetti’s, Dôsôkai, Tops & Bottoms, La chuchi, The Stereotypical Gay, Growing Up Gay, Real Momentum, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Bob & Andrew, United States of Tara, The Gym, How Far Will You Go?, Gli amici di Oskar, Brunch, Fat Guy, Motel, Talking With Yale Cohn, Glee, Verbotene Liebe, Blue Heeler, Modern Famil, Shameless, Six Feet Under, Spartacus: War of the Damned, My Family, Ugly Betty, Skins, Caprica, The Bill, Game of Thrones, The New Normal, Downton Abbey, American Dad!, Hollyoaks, Kings, EastEnders, Judging Amy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Secret Life of Us, Sex and the City, Happy Endings, Night & Day, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Coronation Street, Queer Duck, Trailer Park Boys, The Fosters, Eastsiders, Downton Abbey, Vicky & Lysander, DTLA, The Outs, Happy Endings, Homeland, Skins, Dawson’s Creek, Nip/Tuck, Days of Our Lives, The Nanny, United States of Tara, Joey, Spin City, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Dors, Chelsea Lately, Grange Hill

Several of these series even have transgendered people, so shit down, and shut the fuck up.

Cool. How many of them are main characters in the CW network? Because that’s what we’re talking about here.

Ouch, it’s so obvious pinkiepieinsane​ just randomly googled a listing, since the lesbian themed “tv series” are mostly webseries (and I’m not counting OitNB among those). I like how just having an LGBT character make an appearance once is enough to get it on this list but even with that ridiculously easy criterion, they can only find that many shows ever, across the whole world, in any language.

I mean, there are more, I could list probably about 90% of the international f/f storylines over the last few years and there a couple hundred. Of course, that number decreases drastically if you include only main characters or English-language series or US productions or US network TV, or, as this post specifies, CW shows. Still, in all, 200 is tiny. Here’s a fun game: try to list every m/f relationship on international TV over the last few years. Over the last week? Hell, try to list just the m/f relationships on ABC’s Sunday night programming. And then to have the temerity to tell people to sit down and shut up for daring to point out this incredible imbalance (and really, all they were doing was celebrating The 100′s choice in having a main character be bi…).