26 Favorite Femslash Moments of 2014

16. The Fall – Stella and Tanya

I doubt there are a lot of femslash fans left who haven’t seen this moment yet. Freaking Scully and Kalinda making out? Yes, please. Having shipped Stella and Reed Smith (did we ever discover onscreen if her first name was Tanya) from the start, I had only a little more expectation of anything happening than in a typical show. One the one hand, they already had a different lesbian character and the series seemed too short to let it branch off into this, and well, it seemed too good to be true. Wishful thinking, really. How many times have we shipped main characters with chemistry only to have nothing happen? On the other hand, Stella seemed liked she’d definitely be up to it, Anderson plays her with a certain lazy sexuality, and the characters did seem to hit it off.

Before the second season started, we had a suggestive promo pic from this already, so people were gearing up for it. When it did finally happen…I’m not going to say it was queerbaiting, but it was a bit anti-climactic. It did start up because of a guy (though to get rid of him, not put on a show!) but it obviously did end up holding some significance for them both. It was actually the post-kiss staring and Reed Smith’s definitely affected wiggling that was my favorite part, actually. And I think from the scene after, we know something could have happened. Here’s hoping we’ll get it in the next season.