what are you’re thoughts/feelings on Ephra Stein?

Heh, for a second I was like who, but yes, Ephra. Hmmm, I guess I mostly felt sorry for him, trapped and manipulated by circumstances as much as his sister (but to a way lesser degree, obviously). I didn’t like him earlier on, he seemed strangely quiet and standoffish from the start, if you recall that first event where Nessa was announcing who won the contract, and considering the type of show it was, I thought he was up to something too. That turned out to be an affair, which didn’t make me like him any more, especially since I kind of shipped her with someone else already *coughs* but also because all we knew then was that Atika worked in his household, which is always a weird and gross power imbalance.

It was made clearer what their dynamic was, though, so slowly I ended up just pitying him. He had vaguely good intentions but always lived in others’ shadows, dominated by the women in his life (though I hated him in that moment when he told Nessa he carried on the affair with Atika because he needed a secret of his own—but then he didn’t know her feelings) and resentful of them. He was just very weak.