so you’re telling me y’all are willing to watch TEN SEASONS of a show that barely passes the bechdel test, has minimal to none poc representation, zero disabled representation, and the only gay representation you get is when the two hetero male protagonists stare at each other for 5 seconds…

yet you’re eager to shit on agent carter for only having passed three of those things on the FIRST FOUR EPISODES OF ITS ENTIRE EXISTENCE??

But…who is saying they’d rather watch Supernatural over Agent Carter?

Is there really that much overlap between the Supernatural fanbase and those calling out Agent Carter? Some, maybe, after all on one hand you have a show that started 10 years ago when the TV landscape was completely different. But as some of the fans matured and learned enough to point out where AC was lacking, they certainly understood enough to criticize Supernatural too. And the overlap isn’t really that large? Call out the base of the white men slash ships if you want, but those aren’t the WoC who’re suddenly bearing the brunt of AC’s failure.

Man, I don’t understand how it’s come to this. Like, you want people to watch a show, okay. It’s better than a lot of what’s out there, true. But it is accurate to say it’s kinda white. Now, never ever has that been the reason for a show’s failure, either in ratings or as a network project. But in an era where we have Scandal, HTGAWM, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, and Empire, when AC is getting the relentless sexism against white women so right, it IS kind of a bizarre choice, and a hurtful one, too, right? They’re aware of the issues, it’s obvious that diversity in shows is not damaging ratings, but they go ahead with this casting? Still, it’s something we’re all used to, so while it may not be that high on our list of things to watch, most WoC not already watching were like, yeah, I’ll get to it, or nah, I personally won’t watch ‘cause of this, because I think it could have done better. There wasn’t any concerted effort to boycott or punish it in any way, only to bring attention to the fact that we wanted it to do better, when its feminist cred was touted.

Then of course the response to that, chief among them Tamora Pierce’s now infamous “blacks in service or no blacks at all” post, which, again, wow, but her ignorance really does serve as the best example and reason for why this representation is crucial. There was a flurry of shocked replies, with whole lists of counterexamples of real life PoC in significant roles, as well as wondering for this need for attention to the hyperrealism in a show focusing on a highranking female agent whose boyfriend was injected with super serum. But suddenly, because of those posts, WoC were seen as boycotting the series, and somehow responsible for the death of female-led Marvel projects? Come on now.