2015 Resolutions

  1. Start learning to draw (work my way through…10? Sycra vids)
  2. Start learning a language other than Urdu
  3. Improve Urdu reading
  4. Complete 5% of the games in Steam library
  5. Log 20 hours on the Oculus
  6. Raise the percentage of femslash related stuff on blog to 20%
  7. Start calling them Mamie and Grace Gummer instead of Meryl Streep’s Kid and Meryl Streep’s Other Kid
  8. Support 5 Kickstarters
  9. Get a desktop
  10. Make fic database
  11. Complete 30 photoset/manip ideas (or really, finally start Faberry Week entries for real)
  12. Watch 5 Kdramas
  13. Review more fics
  14. Volunteer for AO3
  15. Stop feeling bad for not enjoying The 100
  16. Write and put up one fic