Had a moment today where I discovered a pretty strong instance of internalized racism. : I was watching I Origins and Archie Panjabi’s in it, with her character using a strong Indian accent. And my reaction was so negative, like oh, so this Emmy-winning actress among these bunch of white randoms has to fake an accent. After thinking over it for a few days, I realized that bitterness was all on me. If she’d had to fake an Aussie or French or, as she has, an American accent, I’d be whatever, but I was associating a desi accent with a lack of sophistication, like it was demeaning to have to fake it. And that’s…so gross?

I’ve been trying to get away from that, and have been mostly successful at just ignoring the accent when I assume it’s native, but really, that just means I’m thinking to myself, try not to think less of them because of the accent, they can’t help it, but why would anybody voluntarily choose it. So. Need to unlearn that.