I’m a fan of your gifs, especially the ones from series 2 of The Fall. I saw that many of those have over 1,000 + reblogs/notes. I was curious which of your gifs are the most popular and if you wouldn’t mind sharing a few of your faves.

Wow, thank you for the compliment! And such an incredibly…nice ask. Such an indulgent question, wow.

Most popular is by FAR the Halloween candy post, though technically the combined notes from the reposted version of What Would You Do? way surpasses that (I don’t actually mind the reposting, because who’d want another 1.5m notifications, but the guy seems a douche :). Pretty much all the rest of the popular ones are simple sets from the Daily Show, and of those, my favorites would be the ones with Jessica Williams. My own overall favorites are probably the Sleeping Warrior manip and the lighting of the beacons. Man, there are so many posts, I couldn’t begin to remember…but those two do stand out (as do two other SW posts for what they represented at the time…how did they mess that up so badly?).

Oh, I spent hours on this one, getting it to fit the filesize limit. This one was kind of spectacular in how it looked in gif form (not that any of that was due to me). I liked this recent one from PoI. Ah, I remember thinking non-stop about this TMas post for weeks, until the damn Emmy nominations came out and then I just had to make it in my hurt disappointment. One of my first OB posts, just as the fandom was really taking off. Oh, spoilers beware if you haven’t watched Dominion yet, but I loved this reveal. These freaking two. The only gifset I’ve managed to make from this gorgeous, gorgeous movie (though, to be clear, the plot itself was kind of awful). This cuteass moment that I still don’t know how to color. May kicking Ward’s ass as Skye shuts him down. Tooooepick. These parallels just worked out so well (20 years apart!). The first use of Actual Puppy Delphine! Pretty sure everyone made some version of this. Ooh, oh, I did make a few posts for J/7, but it rather amused me when one was Hijacked by the Bering & WellsTM fandom. 🙂 As was this post, actually. Other favorite additions: these tags and this comment.

Oh god, but you know what I’m kicking myself over? The caption for this Tomb Raider set. I was referring to the original (non-rainbow) ending and figured the few people in the SS Endurance tag’d get it and chuckle and that’d be that but instead a bunch of people think that’s the actual ending. My comment really was super confusing.