Remember this lovely lady that was able to successfully manage and treat ebola in her family? Her work should not be forgotten.

22 year old Fatu made headlines when she successfully nursed her father,mother and sister back to health from Ebola without getting infected. Her protective gear? Garbage bags.

“While in itself a miraculous feat, Ms. Kekula’s capacity and ability to attend to her relatives were a direct result of skills and experience gained over three years in training as a nursing student at Liberia’ Cuttington University, home to the  country’s largest Nursing school.

Due to the Ebola epidemic, Liberia has shut down its schools, Cuttington University included, until the outbreak is contained.

Please help  assist Ms. Kekula in achieving her dream of completing nursing school so she can continue to profoundly touch lives. Ms. Kekula has been accepted by this organization to be an IWILL candidate, a program that seeks to help individuals currently enrolled in school obtain the necessary funds to complete their education.

Fatu has been admitted by Emory School of Nursing to complete her nursing degree. Fatu is scheduled to start school at Emory in January, 2015 and thus, needs your help in making this dream become a reality. She needs our help”

IAM is a non-profit organization founded by Africans and their goal is to raise funds to provide financial support for African natives to pursue their educational ambitions. Its mission is currently focused on primary, secondary and university students.

Based on their website;  target fund-raising goal is $40,000 to support Ms. Kekula academic efforts in nursing over the next 2 terms.·

  • Tuition: $20,000
  • Living expenses: $10,000
  • Travel and Visa expenses: $10,000

All donated funds will go towards paying for Ms. Kekula’s nursing education and will be sent directly to the Emory University.

So far $23,553 has been raised and  $16,447 to go.  Help Africa’s future.