FIC : Teenage … Dream? (Ch. 5 – OUAT – Emma/Regina)


Teenage … Dream? – Once Upon A Time ; Emma/Regina ; 12,000 words. Marian’s return means splitsville for Regina and Robin, and Emma is determined to cheer Regina up—even if it means working a little magic. But when she accidentally awakens Regina’s inner teenager, life gets weird. Well. Weirder than usual.

Read Chapter 5, the final installment, here: [AO3]

Hook gives her a slight wistful smile. “I always felt there was something holding you back. I just assumed it was that you didn’t want to get mixed up with a scoundrel like yours truly.”

“Well, you are kind of a scoundrel,” Emma says fairly. “Not to mention super annoying.” She throws in a smile to show she’s teasing.

Hook scowls at her good-naturedly. “Turns out,” he adds, nudging her, “you were already spoken for. Which became very easy to see when we got together and all you wanted to do was talk about Regina’s broken heart.”

“Whoops,” Emma says meekly.

It’s not the worst breakup she’s ever had. She’s not in prison and he’s not a monkey, so all in all, Emma figures, things end on pretty good terms.

Except for the part where, just before they go their separate ways, Hook says, “Now run off to the wife and make things right.”

Emma makes a face at him. “She’s not my wife.”

Hook gives her a doubtful look.

“… is she?” Emma asks. The words come out as sort of a wail by accident.

“She’s your wife, Swan,” Hook says sagely. “Get used to it.”