So I absolutely love all of your gifs, especially your Killjoys stuff, so I had to ask- while yes, Aneela & Delle Seyah is ?? do you have any positive feelings for Dutch & Delle Seyah? I’m slightly ashamed of how much I love their tension ??‍♀️

Heh, anon, if you went back to my earliest Killjoys posts, I was practically jealous of Aneela/Delle Seyah on behalf of Dutch/Delle Seyah. I’d shipped them from the start but in a super casual way, I never figured they’d go there, even with the kiss, I thought Delle Seyah would be defeated and then of–she was. But when she came back, I was like all right, all right, clearly she’s gonna have to defeat this psycho version of Dutch or something. But then! Aneela revealed so much vulnerability to Delle Seyah and affinity only with her and from then on I was fully on board and since I don’t multiship, that was the end of Dutch/Delle Seyah for me. 😛 

If Aneela had never existed or been this kind of character and Delle Seyah/Dutch had happened, I’d have been there for that, for sure! But they’d have had to write it pretty differently. A lot of my tolerance for Delle Seyah and Aneela is that they’re treated in a slightly humorous way but always shown as bad, if trying, versus the goodness of Dutch and the others. What I mean is, Delle Seyah didn’t need to be redeemed to be with Aneela, they were both terrible products of their environments that for their own reasons decided to help the good guys, but you can’t be with a lead, or with a person like Dutch, and not be fundamentally changed from who you were. What would it mean for Dutch’s journey if Delle Seyah was who she was? But of course if they decided to go there, they’d have three seasons after her “death” to develop her and their dynamic in that way. I guess she could have come back as pretty different already, chastened and… Well, heh, we didn’t get that, for good or bad. 😮