Well, the light is actually pretty bright in here. The sea looks green, but the sky blue. You have to walk about 100 meters from the shore to get to the deep part. La Albufera is surrounded by rice fields, so very green and lots of mosquitos. Do you know the painting “Cosiendo la vela” by Sorolla? That’s the light. I kept getting confused reading about the series because the “Álex” actress is called Verónica in real life. Thank you for answering.

Oh, man, that sounds like paradise. Except the mosquitoes, heh. But I LOVE that kind of sunlight, we used to get it in Pakistan and I really miss it here. I thought it’d be the green I’d miss most but honestly, it’s the sky. 

And heh, yeah, I caught that too. It must be wild just shouting your own name. 😀