Why is my /archive for the last seven years only the flagged posts?

“We’re passing this along to our engineers for investigation.  Depending on the severity of the root cause, a fix might take longer than expected, so thanks for hanging tight while they look into it.“

You know, instead of the much more important task of hypocritically getting rid of a bunch of vulnerable people.

Can other people also look into their archives and see if they’re behaving as they should and if not, send in a support ticket?


So other people are like, how can I easily find which posts of mine are flagged? I can’t go through all thousands of them!

Unlike you unlucky bastards, if I go to my blog’s home page, I can ONLY SEE FLAGGED POSTS. Nothing else. I mean, it sucks if I or anybody else wants to see the thousands of posts that never got flagged. Forget them, though. Isn’t that the point of this whole exercise? To make sure that ONLY the nsfw posts are available?