I’m tempted to be a little concerned about the amount of screen time ThunderGrace has gotten but I’m trying to be patient since s2 has only just started. Thoughts on this?

Hmm, I understand where you’re coming from, for sure. To me, a slow burn implies characters slowly building to something, which requires them to actually be on screen and interacting. And just from a representation POV, if somebody’s not on screen, then that’s not really being represented.

But on the other hand, I’ve already accepted that BL is about Anissa, who is indeed continuously being rep, a very unabashed lesbian with lots of screentime. If the f/f landscape was different and there wasn’t much else, I’d probably need them to be more, but I can afford to be more casual about what I want from them at the moment. I do get that an f/f character existing is different from her engaging in relationships, that we’ve had a lot history of characters being introduced, a short relationship, and then nothing for external homophobic reasons (the writers don’t know how to write them, the network’s uncomfortable, the audience is uncomfortable). But I think the reasons here are pretty solid, Anissa as a character isn’t just there to be the token lesbian propping up a lead, she’s a lead going through her own significant character development. And even if we didn’t get a lot of Anissa/Grace, we got a lot of f/f in the last ep.

Having said all that, pretty unnecessarily, lol, I think there’s actually a fair amount of Grace coming up, more than last season. I’ll probably end up shipping them much more soon, the more interactions we see.