The amazing season 4 is over, and I thought it would be a nice idea to create an appreciation week for it. This is for everyone that makes any kind of content (gifsets, edits, fanfiction, …). I will give you prompts, but you definitely don’t have to follow them! The important thing is that we all have fun and appreciate season four. The only ‘rule’ is that everything should be season 4 related, since we’ll be doing a general appreciation week soon!

Suggested prompts:

Day 1 – Monday, October 8th – Favorite member of Team Awesome Force*
Day 2 – Tuesday, October 9th – Favorite character that is not Team Awesome Force*
Day 3 – Wednesday, October 10th –  Favorite relationship of season 4
Day 4 – Thursday, October 11th – Favorite scene(s)
Day 5 – Friday, October 12th – Favorite quote(s)
Day 6 – Saturday, October 13th – Favorite episode(s)
Day 7 – Sunday, October 14th – Free choice (could be cast appreciation, team awesome force appreciation, favorite outfits, …)

If you miss a day or you start late, that’s no issue at all! Just make sure to tag your creations with #killjoys4appreciation so we can see them and reblog them to the blog! 

Please spread the word!

*Note: Just to clarify, Team Awesome Force is Dutch, D’avin and John.