“missed a step by having delle seyah sleep through everything…but an episode where her child was rapidly aging/at risk and she wasn’t there when d’av got several bonding moments? after having her be so present in this storyline it was so weird to see her sidelined” no spoilers for 1×06 but this comment been stewing in my mind and i’m unhappy with the continuation of this in 1×06. wonder if you have further thoughts, whenever you watch it. thanks! =)

Okay, I watched and I do have thoughts. Um, they got her out of the way so quickly. And the name thing?

Again, I’m more puzzled at the show’s choices so far than upset. Why have her be as present as she was earlier in the season, why have her moments of “oh gods, we are a family” and all that focus on her if she’s going to become sidelined just like that? I assume we’ll see more of her later, especially as part of Aneela’s plot. 

First, to get this out of the way, I don’t resent D’av at all. He’s been very gentlemanly and probably far more respectful of Delle Seyah than she might even deserve. As much as I like her, I’m not going to deny that he has his reasons to hate her. But he doesn’t, he’s been very nice, that is established. Whatever’s going on isn’t coming from that place. 

So then where? They showed Delle Seyah giving him the name as something meaningful between mother and son and then D’av immediately negating that. In an episode that covered the actual abuse and harm parental figures can do to their children why is the name included as a reason to paint Delle Seyah as a controlling parent?? Just so they could have him choose to be called Jaqobis? There’s so much emphasis on D’av as a father, his fears about parenthood (and you can’t tell me more of Delle Seyah coming to terms with being a mother wouldn’t have been just as enjoyable?), I’m your dad, you’re my son, papa bear, he gets to do all of that and that’s fine but it just highlights the difference in their treatment. 

I’m willing to see where they go with this but I’m a bit more wary now.