Aw man, they killed Sharla (Christina Moses’s queer character) too? In addition to Melissa O’Neil’s character and Sharla’s girlfriend from the first ep and Iris after being tortured? 

Considering how much I liked this show and had high hopes for it even halfway through the season, it ended up disappointing me with some of the choices it made. Losing just Kathy could have been considered a bold, surprising choice (although the kiss made me roll my eyes) but adding all these other deaths on top? And tbh she was way more interesting than Joe. Yes, white people kept on dying too but how many were there overall and how many remained? They killed almost every WOC.

And personally, I love Christina Moses and MON so that just made it worse. 🙁 

What is it I should be watching this show for, exactly, if it’s just evil people getting away with evil things? Deep State ended up having a similar problem, too. Oh, the US government and rich white people are evil and they’ll get away with it but don’t worry, it’s realistic!