I think my fav thing abt lady Fitz and CW so far is the way everybody is *eyes emoji* at them? Quigley: “she intrigues you”, refers to Lady Fitz as Charlotte’s “muse”, Mrs May: “charlotte has an admirer” Fitz’s brother: “you seem so captivated by her” even Mr North is like “Charlotte…YOUR LADYSHIP is here”. anyways anyone who says they’re nothing more than convenient allies to each other can fight me

Oh, I love that about them! And in this ep when Charlotte has to go out and face Nancy and Will and is like, nooope, don’t even, she’s not a cull or my beloved, shut up mom and dad! 

And convenient allies? Convenient allies? They ARE allies, really good ones, Izzy was Charlotte’s immediate thought for helping Margaret in this ep, and they’re already at a level of honesty few of the other characters have reached, but there’s clearly something beyond that, even if it’s just friendship and comfort, because there’s also a level to their dynamic with no tangible gain.

I really love the timing of when their kiss finally happened, because neither stood to benefit from it, there was no scheme to actually ally on anymore. Charlotte’s plan with Lydia was over, and it gets lost in the wonderment of the “let me break his spell” line but there was nothing for Lady Fitz in telling Charlotte her secret either. It was a moment (a night) for both of them, no plans or schemes.

Do convenient allies do this??

Or look at each other like this?