Listen up.

Do yall know what’s going down in Bangladesh? It’s all over the news but if you don’t know, lemme explain:

Basically the government sucks and no one in this country follows any traffic rules, or laws for that matter. People paid to get drivers licenses without going through driving school, and most of them have no morals or patience once their vehicles hit the roads. It’s all ME FIRST. So obviously, there are a lot of road accidents per day across the country, amongst other things.

Now a few days ago there was an accident where a bus went to overtake another bus recklessly, and hit a group of students waiting by the side of the road in the process. At least 7 were killed, but the media announced 2 casualties.

The students have had enough.

For the last 5 days there have been protests all over Dhaka city, mainly in school/college areas. Students dressed in uniform, wearing IDs, chanting “We want justice!!” while parading the streets, that THEY CLEARED.

Yup. Since the law enforcers, police and traffic police can’t do their jobs right, these students of various institutions have taken matters into their own hands. They are taking on the role of traffic police, separating different vehicles into different lanes, and checking each vehicle for the legal documents and actual licenses. Some police officers and ministers didn’t have licenses, and the public knows now.

The students even made a separate emergency lane!! Half of my friends didn’t even know such a thing existed. That puts this country’s usual situation into perspective.

These kids are the heroes we need.

For the first time in many years, the roads have been clear with little road jam.

Except, this is a fight for rights against the government. We want to be able to walk to school or wherever we’re going in safety, without the fear that one random driver will take our life. Apparently that basic need is too much to ask.

Right now, there’s word that members of a bigshot political party are going to take to the streets tomorrow, to beat up protestors; girls and boys alike, of my age who are fighting for this noble cause.

It’s unfair.

I’m praying that they all stay safe, because this protest? It’s hella justified. Although 97% of this country is corrupted, it’s nice to see these people making an effort to change the twisted ways that have somehow become the norm. We’re on internaltional news right now, and maybe in the future, the country might get better.

For now though, this is what’s going on.