Safe Blogging Masterpost


Since Tumblr is purging fan accounts from every fandom I thought I’d make a master post of resources for safe blogging.

What we know so far:

  • This started with  Backgrid and Splash New using reverse image search through a third party to protect their photos.
  • It was first limited to  paparazzi photos, events, red carpets and set photos.
  • However now it is rumored to be extended to other stuff like celebrity photoshoots etc.
  • A better, proper explanation here.


  • Rebloging is fine, only the original post will get flagged and deleted.
  • You get three strikes for copyright infringement and then your blog gets terminated.
  • If your main blog gets terminated, then all your sideblogs go, no matter if you are a member or an admin.
  • If you get warnings for your sideblog then only the sideblog gets terminated.
  • Notes or no notes, if you have posted anything from the above category, it will be flagged.
  • It’s not limited only to the United States, it’s happening internationally.
  • If your edit is a part of a larger graphic and different form the original offending photo you’re probably safe.
  • It’s not limited to one fandom, everyone is being effected from Marvel, to Musicians, to WWE, EVERYONE.

Protective Measures:

Future Blogging:

I’ll keep adding more info. Stay safe kids, hope you don’t get snapped!