if you’ve seen the breaking news that trump just signed an executive order today to end the family separation policy here’s some quick info to keep things in perspective

  • this doesn’t end the “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting anyone who crosses the border “illegally” 
  • the only thing this changes is that going forward, entire families will be detained together while awaiting prosecution 
  • this offers no solution for freeing the thousands of children currently held in ICE child prisons or any path to reuniting them with their families 
  • children will still be detained and treated as criminals
  • this will likely lead to thousands of families being held in ICE facilities and tent cities that will face the exact same issues of overcrowding, abuse, and inhumane conditions that exist in the child prisons

this is not a victory or a solution. This is the administration trying to cover their asses and avoid any more public outrage. They want people to see this as the end of the news story and go back to their lives. They want people to forget the thousands of children they are still keeping in cages in ICE facilities across the nation. This issue is not over and we cannot stop being outraged until we are given proof that the thousands of kidnapped children are returned to their families, and that the policy of arresting and prosecuting people who cross the border is ended.