Ooh, you have fave Fleurmione fics? I’ve been pretty interested in that ship, but I never have the time to go searching through HP fics because the fandom is just… so huge. I also haven’t had any time to go searching AO3 recently, and I haven’t really touched any other HP fandom places in literal years. If you want to rec any Fleurmione fics (or any other other HP f/f, I’m not picky lol), I’d love to hear about them!

Absolutely, I’m happy to share! I just…don’t actually have that many and they’re mostly ancient, but I’d love newer recs if people have them. 

Sparrow – This one-shot from all the way back in 2002, it’s not long but I feel like it set the tone for much of the fandom.

No Defense For You (by @dreiser7) – This was never completed but I still like to read what’s there, it stops with enough closure and is a good companion piece to:
Aucune Defense Pour Toi – While No Defense for You is from Hermione’s POV, this one flips the character perspective while telling the same story and then continues onward and completes it. I always read the two together. 

Witnessed here in Time and Blood (by @whistlesilver) – This is the one I stayed up till 6am reading the other day, it’s gorgeously written.

There are also a couple more fics I saw frequently recommended, Monster and Entwined, but they both have Fleur’s French accent actually written into her dialogue and I personally can’t stand that.