Rant: I love Kate Littlejohn and I love Kate Littlejohn with Anya. They have that kind of chemistry that gets my heart thumping. But I’m so weary of these kinds of Shonda shows, or network shows in general, that are all too predictable in that Anya isn’t Kate’s One. It’s gonna be predictably Leonard. It’s so frustrating to ship a couple you know for sure won’t end up together. Just another got-to-enjoy-what-you-get ship. This time it really sucks because Kate and Anya could truly be amazing.

You won’t see any disagreement from me, anon. Like you said, it is network shows in general, the side character f/f ship and the main character m/f ship, and it sucks every time. We all know we’re watching this with an expiration date on the couple and it does take some of the fun out of it. But knowing that, I’m just going to enjoy what I can from it.