Hey guys I just want to give a heads up. The book Adam by Ariel Schrag has been turned into a movie which has been named as one of the most exciting LGBTQ films of this year. I don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun but you should know before watching that the book is about a cis boy who pretends to be a trans man in order to persuade lesbians to sleep with him. 

This post has a plot summary that explains more about this concept and why it’s so harmful.

It is deeply deeply transphobic. It is lesbophobic as it features a corrective rape narrative (a lesbian does have sex with him and then decides she does love men after all). 

Here is a review of the book by a trans man. I have yet to find one by a lesbian but will edit this if I do. 

This book gives out incredibly harmful notions about trans men and lesbians that are used to hurt them in real life. It’s so entrenched in the narrative that I don’t see how the film can be any better. You can find more info in this twitter thread

I’d like to tell people to boycott it but I can’t tell you what to do. So instead I’m going to ask that you share this because it being named as an exciting new LGBTQ film is going to make LGBTQ teens want to see it. And they should know before hand how hurtful it could be. They should be able to arm themselves with that knowledge. 

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