Okay everyone, like I said I would, I have some updated information on #savetheexpanse. I’d already been working on a post for targeting Amazon for picking up The Expanse, but then @thetruecaptain sent me some more information that helped this post along. 

Reblogging this is the best way to spread the information. If you are active on twitter, here’s the tweet. Again, retweeting does more than liking will. We need to get as many eyes on this as we can.

Hey everyone! Update, again, as a moral boost! Someone who works on the sets had reported that they were going to be taking them down tomorrow or Tuesday, but today we have word that not o lot has that been pushed back, but Alcon is getting a meeting with Amazon!

So I know the cancelation sucks, and I know that for those of us who have been through this with shows before this fight feels like too much, but keep going! Spread the word! We got this! Let’s make some noise so Amazon has even more reason to take us on.

Ooh I will do this. I liked that the first two seasons are part of Prime and unedited (apparently originally aired eps censor the language?) So I’ll be sure to mention it.

I don’t watch this show, but giving this post a boost and good wishes to you fans because this finally explained to me why the heck Amazon didn’t pick up Oasis!  I have been wondering why tf that didn’t happen!

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