My inbox is a little full with messages about the cancellation,
and while I’ll go back and answer some individually, I just want to pass a
quick note around to my expanse family reminding everyone to keep their heads
high and to remain positive.

The expanse will no longer be airing on syfy. That’s an important factor right now, and if we all work
together, we very well may find The Expanse a new home. It’s certainly scary to
feel like we’re drifting in the trenches of space, but things aren’t hopeless. The
authors feel like they have a good chance of getting picked up by another
network, the actors are joining their voices to ours, and there are multiple
fan petitions and campaigns being planned, (@nnourgelitnius  is leading the charge on sharing information
on what’s happening).

I know it’s frustrating watching a brilliant show potentially blink
out, especially when we know that in 3 or 5 or 10 years, people will still be
talking about it, just like we talk about all the amazing shows that were
cancelled before their time, only to go on to remain cult classics. This is the
time to put in the work to help ensure the Expanse gets the chance to do what
the other shows couldn’t – to thrive.
If we’re loud, if we’re persistent, and if we work together, we may get a
season 4 and beyond.

The Netflix petition almost as 5000 signatures. Let’s make that
10,000. Let’s make it 20,000. Have you singed it? If not, it’s here:

Are you on Twitter? Personally, I hate twitter, but you’ll probably
catch me on tonight. We need to get trending! Utilize hashtags. #renewtheexpanse (the actors and authors
are using this tag) #SavetheExpanse, #TheExpanse,

Join the package campaign being organized on The Expanse
discord (invite code:
It’s simple and fun, aimed at writing letters to Amazon and Netflix, while also
sending them our favorite brands of coffee.

The point is, things are happening and this isn’t over. While all the anger and sadness and confusion everyone is feeling is valid, there’s still a good chance we’re getting season 4, we’ll just need to figure out where we watch it.