do you know anywhere to watch the latest episode of killing eve outside of the US? i’m desperate.






Sorry, I can’t even suggest VPNs because I think you’d need to log into the official sites? I’d go for the usual torrents or streaming sites?

If anyone is looking for a software solution I would suggest

They are in beta, but basically they “stream” torrents instead of you having to download the files and risk your system. (also has VPN built in).

Thanks, both of you!

1 more because I don’t think a lot of people know about it. I watch most things on air but I have Plex setup for stuff I can’t watch or if I miss it.

There is a system called Sonar. (That works with Plex). It takes a bit to set up, but you can plug in any shows you watch, and the minute an episode is available online it will download it. 

I notice a lot of people on here from other countries are always scrambling to find links and they tend to change a lot.

My plex below.

Thank you again! That looks very convenient.