why haven’t you been giffing (is that even a word?) the new kana scenes? hope i don’t seem rude. just curious! :)

Not rude at all, and I also use giffing and giffed. And giffer. 🙂

I’m still ready to gif Kana scenes, but I didn’t like Friday’s writing, including–or especially for the reconciliation scene at the end. It wasn’t earned and it really didn’t make sense at all, they weren’t talking like people, they were exchanging exposition as plot devices. It’s ironic I say this after praising the writing for making their motivations so clear just the other day, but it was Bad. Why did Rana bring up honesty when that wasn’t her issue with what Kate did? So that the writing could then have it flipped on her. And her answer when Kate brought up her being still so close to Zee, “he’s my husband”, as if it’s something she can’t change and it’s not up to her and that’s just the way of things, why can’t Kate understand. Psh. So even though the bit after when they made up was cute, it was so empty to me. 

Wednesday’s scenes I liked, but I now have solid work meetings that go through that block and by the time I get home and watch the eps, I’m already preparing for my primetime watching so those gifs end up falling lower on my list. If people have requests, I’ll usually end up doing those faster.