Someone correct me if I’m wrong but did Kiss Me First just kill a trans woman in a terrible way? Using one of the worst fears they have?

It’s a British mini-series based around a virtual reality game where people can go into this shared fantasy game world where their avatars look like cool versions of them. There’s a group of friends the main character meets, and two of them, a guy and girl, they’re pretty close, like you know something’s slowly developing there, their names in the game are Force and Jocasta. They’re not major characters and a lot of drama is unfolding with the others in the meantime, with the guy who’s the head of the group manipulating the others and one kid jumps off a ledge in the game, dies in real life, another kid blows himself up in real life. Meanwhile, in the fourth ep we finally meet the real life versions of Force and Jocasta. Force is a big American dude and he wants to meet Jocasta in real life, but the head guy’s withholding her address and she won’t meet with Force until the head guy gives his permission.

So while Force is fulfilling some mission so the head guy gives the address, we see Jocasta in real life, and she’s a trans woman, disowned by her parents, deep voice, looks somewhat feminine but not much. Force does what he had to do and finally gets to go to Jocasta’s apartment. She lets him in thinking it’s a friend and he sees her and first asks where’s Jocasta, who’s just like frozen there, and then says in this incredibly nervous trembling voice how she tried to tell Force so many times, how she thought maybe he did already know, prayed that he knew, and Force just shakes his head no, and Jocasta is slowly walking toward him, pleadingly telling him how they were happy in the game, it can be okay, please let it be okay, taking Force’s hand and barely able to stammer out “because love is–because love is love” and the scene ends.

Then we see Force again later and we think maybe things were okay, maybe they subverted whatever awful trope they certainly looked like they were leading up to, until Jocasta’s friend goes to her apartment and we see a huge bloodstain on the floor.