Thoughts on today’s Corrie?

What, there was an ep today?! 

I kid, I kid. I liked it! Cute and meaningful Kana scenes, really lovely Johnny-Kate (and Aidan) scenes, Imran standing with Rana. I even liked that bit where Yasmeen showed she was angry with Rana at the cheating part, even if they both know she’ll support her through the other parts of it, ending with telling her to set the bag back.

I will say that they left at a more hopeless place than I expected. I thought it’d be more upbeat, with them being all on an adrenaline high and happy to have at least saved Rana, bittersweet instead of a total downer. I guess it’s because there’s nothing left, before there were always secrets, more chances to reveal them and talk things out, now it’s all out there and nothing left.