Mabrook! Are you in love with her? Stahp. At which point onscreen do you think Kate switched from cold Kate to Kate in wanting?

FINALLY. I cannot believe I had so many meetings today of all days and had to watch these eps so late. 

ANON. Except for the soulmate moment and the scene after, this is like the first time since the Luke death aftermath ep that Kate finally feels like Kate again. The moment when Rana asked her what she wanted at the door, that’s the Kate I wish we’d had the whole time. I don’t know if we could have handled it, but that’s the conflicted closed off and not so freaking angry Kate that loves Rana but is trying to move on. 

Their scenes were so good today! I’m so glad they’re what lead us into Friday. To answer your question, I think it was probably literally the very on the nose “Is that what you want?” question, where Kate thought to herself, Rana in front of her, not hers, Sophie behind her, very much hers and moved in, what do I want? And I loved how quietly she answered Rana, clarifying that she wanted her to leave so she could talk to Sophie, not because it was anything else. And then! Shouting out to Rana that Sophie hadn’t moved in, even though it wasn’t any of Rana’s business, because she just didn’t want to hurt her anymore. I can’t believe that it’s literally going to take one day in Corrie time after Kate stops avoiding Rana for them to get back together.