I hate the way the writers are using Sophie. She couldve been there for rana when she was going through her crisis. Couldve been a shoulder to cry on for Kate as well. Now they’re gonna break her heart again after everything she’s been through after all these years and they’re going to ruin her friendship with Kate. Ridiculous.

It really was so unnecessary. What was the purpose of it? To give Kate something else to do? She had both her siblings in the hospital, could have helped out her cousin with the newly returned son. To make Rana jealous? That barely happened, and it could have been just as effective by having Kate open up to her with Rana mistakenly thinking they were more. To show the contrast between Kate/Sophie and Kana? They barely showed Kophie and had to write Kate like some different person the whole time. They’ve treated her so harshly, with the way the break up’s going to happen, for no real reason.