It’s so weird how fans keep speculating about Rana trying to commit suicide, it’s really exhausting at this point. Like, the location filming is just near a canal, Kate, Rana, Yasmeen, Imran and Zee are there and that’s literally all we know, but everyone’s assumed the worst possible thing for no reason.

Yeah, I can see how that’s frustrating, people bandying about these serious and real things as potential plot twists and how that’d affect their romantic ship. I guess it’s easier to distance themselves when, aside from everything else, it is a soap, and one that does some pretty out there stuff. But so far, people have seemed to predict a lot of dark things for Rana and when they haven’t happened, they simply postpone those same headcanons and then bring them back the moment things seem like they could be taking a downward turn.

I suppose, as much as people are confident in Kana getting back together and presumably no death, 2016 still did a number on them and they still kind of expect something terrible.