Apparently, Rana is about to be kidnapped by her parents to make sure she stays away from Kate. Well that spoiler makes much more sense than a suicide attempt. What can you say about it?

Ahhh, well. There we go. Better than a suicide attempt but yeeouch. The TRMD memories…

I’m not sure what you mean about what I can say about it? Like…as a fan? As a Muslim fan? 

I will say, though, that her parents don’t seem at all devout enough to pull something like this, and the mom especially seemed willing to hear Rana out, BUT, if it’s a matter of shame, then they totally seem image-conscious enough to do it. To do what, I’m not quite sure, the way the contract storyline was presented, it was the alternative to a lot of very specific threats from Zee, but what is it that they’re going to try now, they can’t exactly send Rana back home to be married again? Gonna keep her locked away? That’s not very feasible but it is very soapy. I just hope they don’t lose their way between a dramatic soapy storyline and teaching their scary lessons about the “reality”.