I hope corrie go with some kind of self harm story with Rana. So many people just don’t get how hard it is to accept your sexuality especially if you know if your family will leave and with the whole her being treated as a business transaction thing I think it seems likely that they might. I hope they do because it would help my mum understand that it’s not just a matter of picking one person. It’s picking between your family and everything you know and the woman you love and that its not easy.

I gotta say, anon, heh, that “hope” with the rest of that sentence? Is a bit jarring. No judgment on you, obviously, I get where you’re coming from. 

I’m of two minds about it. I’ve already watched all this on TRMD with Jade, including the suicide attempt. And if I’m honest, I don’t think it did much there? That could be down to the execution, it being a hurried telenovela kind of plot but it covered the main things, family treating her badly, her feeling she had no escape, and yet it barely affected her family past a few eps, let alone the audience. And omg, I just remembered, they did the same thing to Paul, her also gay brother, near the end of the series. And again, no real effect. I suppose it comes down to the audience as well, how receptive they are to something like this? I think it was agreed that it probably came a few years too early for the Philippines. While it might be the right time for Corrie’s viewers right now, especially if they take care to draw it out.

Representation is important for the people it represents and the people who should see others normalized. I agree with that completely. Two different audiences, right? I think both should be taken into account. Is showing the consequences of this to the straight people and the non-Muslims who could learn something worth the gay Muslims’ horror watching this play out? As a gay Muslim, I’m not particularly enthused by seeing a lot of my own suffering up there. However, I am just one gay Muslim, I don’t represent all of us, and I don’t have anybody watching Corrie. I suspect if my mom were watching, I’d be able to look for her reactions and that would bring a new dimension to things. 

If it’s a matter of how instructive it is, I think it could be very valuable, especially if not sensationalized. I just hope they strike the proper balance between needed rep and Making Gays Suffer to Teach Straights a Lesson.