I hope, and I’m being optimistic here, that Kate founds out about the Habeebs offering Zee money fairly soon. I agree with your tags with Rana in the Rovers looking like she’s spiralling into a guilt-ridden depression and it makes me feel sad and anxious.

Me too! Honestly, anon, I did not expect it to hit me as hard as it did. She’s so alone? And I don’t even have really well written story and angst like on the Jan 8th ep to console myself with, I just didn’t get where Kate was coming from. Or I mean, I can, but I have to make more effort to get it, instead of it being so clear. Why was she so angry when she knew Rana couldn’t leave Zee right after Luke’s death?

But I digress. I hope that things become clear soon too, anon, but with the inclusion of Sophie and the telegraphing for even more depressed Rana and the spoilers we already have, I don’t think we’re going to have any letup any time soon. I think this is just the start of a long decline . And it’s such a specific thing she’s going through! Continuing to choose your family over coming out and becoming depressed as it all settles in. And us watching and knowing that some of us have made that exact decision and are living the consequences that we can see play out so painfully.