Hello, did you see counterpart, it’s pretty good. There is this pair of baldwin and clare,who are assassin and soldier.

Anon, actually, I didn’t love the first ep and I still don’t like the writing, I think it’s a bit formulaic and obvious and contrived. BUT Baldwin having a greater part in the second ep improved it immensely. Maybe it’s because she barely speaks, lol, and so all her scenes are saved from the writing which, I mean, there are some big actors who are coming across as kind of boring and those are not boring actors! Olivia Williams and JK Simmons?? If you told me there was a scifi drama about parallel worlds with those two, I would have expected much, much better. Oh, also, Baldwin being there like quadrupled the amount of time given to women from the first ep. But I’m much more interested after the second ep and if they stop wasting time on bad exposition and really spelling out “what makes a person”, I can see it becoming much better.

Also, are you sure the pair is Baldwin and Clare? It’s been a while since I saw the trailer, but the woman in the scenes with Baldwin didn’t look like Clare? Coulda been her counterpart, true, true.