Now that I’ve seen two separate posts about Motor Crush here and here in the space of a day, I’m taking that as a sign to get off my rump and post about ISOLA, an upcoming comic by the same writer, @brendenfletcher​, and Gotham Academy artist @karlkerschl​.

Using inspiration from Princess Mononoke, the story is about a queen turned into a tiger and the journey she and her Captain of the Guard (and perhaps more) take to return her form. As you can see from the teaser images, the release has moved from Spring 2017 to Summer 2017 and is now slated for Late 2017 so we just gotta wait and make sure there’s demand when it does come out.

Here are some panels from the prologue, which was published at the end of each of the first Motor Crush issues:

Teaser from the comic itself:

Article screenshots and first pics
Cover teaser
Comic teaser

finally has a release date of April 4!!

Oooh, finally! And a bonus new image!