For that anon who asked about Mariah & Tessa, there are newer scenes of them, basically Tessa said she needed inspiration to write her song and she looked at Mariah, and Mariah went “don’t look at me” then she apologized for flirting with Mariah but in the same breathe, she stated how sweet Mariah was, and she looked amazing, then Mariah had a gay panic

Mariah had a gay panic from all that compliments, so she made an excuse about having to pick up her dry cleaning so she won’t have to be naked in her show, she went “can you imagine that” and tessa literally looked up as if she was trying to imagine Mariah naked lmaooo at this point, Tessa is not even trying to be subtle

Oooh, well, interesting developments. Thanks! And this is my cue to catch up on the downloading.