Different anon but the chocolate maker Rana AU reminds me of this one PC game released like a decade ago. Where a lady has to rebuild her choclate empire after her younger sister travels the globe and gives away all the recipes. I’m blanking on the name of the game but Rana totally seems like the younger sister who happens to fall in love with a certain someone on thr European leg of her travels.

I’m sorry, what? A quick google reveals what you must be talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolatier_(video_game) Heh, that’s so specific and cute.

How is this chocolate maker Rana AU a real thing, I’m laughing. I’d love to see these kids in different roles, falling in love again and again. 

Actually! You know what I’ve been hoping for and expecting? A GBBO AU! They’re already British, which is like the biggest obstacle for most other ships, and they’d fit in perfectly! I know most people would say, oh, Rana is Nadiya of course, but I see her more as like, a mix of Chetna because I think if she put her mind to it she’d be hella awesome with the flavor profiles, and then Candice and Ruby Tandoh, with the standout physical appearance (I mean, if you look like Rana, your looks are gonna be noticed) and then a ton of attitude. Kate’d just be super nice and affable, lol, my first thought was Martha. Just a combo of Martha and all the bakers who were really good with the basics, Nancy, Holly, Ruth.

Someone write this for me, please.