hopefully kate will reject sophie and that’ll be the end of it? or is that to much wishful thinking btw I love your kana tags!

Heh, we can hope, and I don’t really know which way it’ll go. If I’m entirely honest, as soon as Sophie was brought in, I had been wondering if they might pursue Kate/Sophie for a little while, if only because I didn’t expect them to give up that delicious low-hanging drama voluntarily, and also to pile even more unhappiness on Rana so when it all came out, it’d be an even bigger explosion.

Soap 101 would say that Kate would be reluctant until Sophie let slip it was Rana’s suggestion that solidified her determination and that makes Kate think Rana’s over it (Kate was always kind of easily convinced it wasn’t real, look how she reacted to the pregnancy reveal from Luke–she didn’t think oh no, how are we going to deal with this now, she thought she was using me as a distraction) and decides go for it with Sophie, so a misunderstanding on top of another misunderstanding (Rana thinking Kate kissed Sophie and has more feelings than are there).

If it were to happen now, though, poor Rana can’t even say anything! She said to go for it! It’s gonna be Imogen x100000. Yeahhh, I hope it’s short-lived.