whattttt is Rana doing telling Sophie to go for it this cant happen!!!

I KNOW! That was unexpected as hell.

I thought Rana’d cut her down, maybe kindly, but cut her down all the same. Like when Kate said she was going to Spain and Rana oh so innocently planted the idea in Aidan’s head to talk her into staying. I thought we’d get a repeat of that.

INSTEAD, we get Rana being the one to say, actually, go for it. That’s so…selfless. Aw, Rana. She doesn’t think she can offer Kate what Sophie can, comfort, for one thing, on Monday that was a consistent refrain from her, asking who and what Kate needed, if not her, and honestly, it still being Kate loving her too much wasn’t really helping. Because Kate can’t be with her, and she can’t be with Kate. But Sophie’s there, nice kind Sophie who likes her, who can kiss her openly, who doesn’t have this homophobic family and baggage. 

God. So Rana’s resigned herself to a life with Zee, even if she’ll never be truly happy, but maybe at least Kate can be happy.