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The actress who plays Rana kind of wears on me by making everything she’s talking about so melodramatic. She looks like she’s in physical pain, like all the time. In nearly every scene she goes from quiet to screaming in either anger, pain, jealousy, or confusions. Kate can’t talk to her about anything without being screamed at. I would love to see them have just one deep and layered conversation like actual adults. With more subtle acting and body language.

I thought the scenes in the October 11th and 13th episodes were pretty measured? After she kissed Kate and they were talking at the Rovers and then when Kate went to see her in the ep after, yeah, there was a touch of hysteria at times but overall, she was impressively honest and the conversations were so unusually open and straightforward. I don’t know if we can say it’s just Rana when Kate’s just bodily thrown her out in this scene.

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And why do Mariah and Tessa get so much hate for not dumping their boyfriend’s, but these two get nothing but understanding and sympathy? Rana is down right horrible to her husband? Boyfriend?

I haven’t watched that storyline yet so I don’t really know about that, but I’ve seen gifsets and people seem to be sympathetic? I haven’t seen much hate. No more than I’m seeing start to creep up for Rana (Kate isn’t in a relationship), but I suppose the sympathy comes from Rana being actually married and so it’d be harder to break it off when she’s not sure, she’s Muslim so her background and frame of reference are very different, and finally, Rana only even realized she maybe had feelings for Kate in the episode of Oct 9th, and then was on for two more days after that. That’s all the time we’ve had to see her process things. 

Sorry, I’m just going to get in these answers to some other replies too, I hadn’t realized they were there till now.

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Where Can I watch this series

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What is that from?

This is the Australian show Sisters, about a scientist who’d run a fertility clinic using his own sperm and reveals it decades later, so that potentially hundreds of people turn out to be siblings. But most of them are men, with just three sisters, the main characters. If you can access an Aussie IP you should be able to watch it on the official network: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/sisters

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But wasn’t the one gal kissing the dude in the other gifset?

Yeaaah. Once again, a cheating f/f storyline. Yay. Edie is one of the eponymous sisters, Amanda is her coworker. Edie’s married but from the start of the series it seems clear that she’s not at ease physically with him, in a way that seems to telegraph her gayness. 

I’m not sure what it says that two of the few ongoing (or three, including Y&R) f/f relationships (okay, and Kadena and WE) have cheating in them… It’s better than death and that’s that just how TV drama works? Except for in soaps, where everyone is an equal opportunity cheater, I’d say we get more of it than m/f pairs because media seems to like it for coming out and closeted storylines. But Kadena and WE (and SG which decided to bring it in as a backstory) had them cheating on their female partners. So… I guess it’s probably the lack of stories overall, any tiny increment is amplified because of how little there is.