Omg ranas ‘unless…you’ slayed me!!! Shes willing to give it a chance with kate and let everything else go if kate could possibly feel the same way…i loved it! And the acting! This storyline is looking sooooo good! We deserve this!

Right?! That scene was so great. The honesty of it, even with how upset she was, and then that last despairing need to confirm there was no chance. Which Kate didn’t provide! Lol. 

I did like that Kate tried to be a mentor as much as she could be in the circumstances, given the secrecy and being the object of Rana’s affections, and that they covered Rana’s background being part of her reluctance in identifying as anything other than straight. I was similar to that, actually, thinking I wasn’t homophobic, even shipping f/f couples and being in their fandoms but not willing to consider myself as lesbian or bi.

I don’t know if she’d have dropped everything if she knew Kate felt the same, but I think it’d have opened up a whole new line of thinking for her. But if the answer’s no, then she’s going to write it off and try to move on. What’s the point in exploring this and causing so much heartbreak if it’s for nothing? But…if there’s even a chance. Which is why she got all dressed up and went off to interrogate Kate again. 

The difference between:


is her thinking about it and realizing that even though she should move on, she doesn’t want to.