if i’m completely honest, i forgave Helen last episode when Beverly told her about herself because for the first time since this mess started she actually LISTENED instead of just flying off the handle with assumptions. i expected some sort of resolution for Carol and Helen but I was NOT expecting this. i’m pretty thrilled, i’m very happy they got this end and this scene was soooo long and chock full of greatness.

I did super appreciate that, just having that conversation at all, and then realizing she might have been the one wrong, finally, but she hadn’t made any amends at that point! So part of me was definitely like hmmm, they brought this up right before the finale for a reason, but another part of me was like, maybe that’s just to give Carol closure. 

I wassss hoping and inclined to think that it’d be a happily ever after reunion, since I’d read that the series finale was going to actually be pretty nice and have everyone in a good place and be a reward for viewers (which! would be kind of nice if other shows did that too, huh, actually thought about making their viewers happy) and they’d put Carol in the perfect place for it, with how they dealt with Merc, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up or jinx anything. It really was pretty perfect, about as good as could be expected for them. I’m still so glad that Carol got to say all that, and that she’s the one who’s more in the driver’s seat now. She’s always been such a people pleaser and too much about the other person. And hey! Helen’s not even her boss now. 😀

And omg, yeah, it’s a long ass scene. I was actually so happy on Sunday night and ready to post gifs but I had to type all that conversation out and then try to decide how to break it up (I still have two more planned) and then I went back and watched the good parts of season 4. They were so cute. And then they got so ruined. :< I guess it was how quickly it went from being lovely to awful that made me wary about how they were gonna handle it in the final ep.