Master of None – 2×08 – “It’s not like this was my choice. It’s just who I am.”

Aziz Ansari spoke with Terry Gross about the second season of his Netflix series Master of None. Here’s what he said about the “Thanksgiving” episode: 

On working with Lena Waithe to write the “Thanksgiving” episode, based on Waithe’s experiences growing up gay and coming out to her family

“I told [Lena] from the get-go, you need to write this with me and I’ll help you and we’ll get this in shape and make it feel like the show, but you’ve got to make sure we get this right. …

That episode, it’s just me and four black women, the whole episode. I joked with Melina [Matsoukas], who directed the episode, and Lena, “This is the most amount of screen time I’ve seen on any film or television show, with one Indian character and four black women.” How am I going to write that episode by myself? It would be offensive! You know? I guess I don’t have the gall of all those white writers who write for minorities.”

Emmy award winning. 🙂