Another month, another book given away on the Lesbrary Patreon!

The Lesbrary and Fuck Yeah Lesbian Literature have a Patreon page, and every month patrons who pledge $2 or more a month are entered to win a free queer women book!* (*no, you don’t pay for shipping, and yes, it’s open internationally)

Pictured above are some of the (most photogenic) books available this month!

I’m so grateful to anyone who supports me on Patreon or even just spreads the word about it, because it gets me one step closer to being able to devote more of my time to FYLL, the Lesbrary, and booktube.

The Lesbrary Patreon is also the place to get exclusive updates on the Lesbian Literature 101 series. Learn fun queer lit trivia as I discover it, like: Which book is the most assigned in Lesbian Literature courses in universities? Which lesbian literary criticism books are worth reading? And, what stories of love between women predate Sappho?

We’re also so close to hitting the $150 goal, which means re-tagging the Lesbrary and FYLL posts so that they’re searchable by post type, book genre, rating, authors of color, and lots more!

Support the Lesbrary Patreon page here and be entered in the giveaway!