i really hope they don’t cancel it. at least give them one last season to properly end it. i love the show so much and it’s so hard for me (because it’s all about me) to find a tv show where i love the plot and most, if not all, of the characters. also, they can’t end it before giving two a proper girlfriend.

I know, it’s evolved into such a good show in every way, and I’d for it to end so prematurely, without even a bit of closure. Everything about the finale was a cliffhanger! Not a single thread tied up. What about Two’s kid? Which, if I thought there was a flaw in the finale, it was that, that something so important wasn’t really mentioned again. Plus, I think actors having to pull double duty for vital characters (Boone, Shaw) hurt them because they had to just exclude them altogether, probably because of time constraints. ALSO, I was thinking about this, but in that last final battle, surely another important force, should have made itself known: the free androids?