I’m intrigued by your Riviera gifsets but I’m also incredibly wary of f/f pairings on TV these days when all you can hope for is one of them not dying. Would you say it’s worth watching? Thanks!

Wellll, not dying and worth watching are two different questions. 😛 

I am like you in that I won’t watch anything with bad endings and the first season does end without them dying, so that’s settled. But is it worth watching? That depends. I enjoyed the show on its own merits and was invested in Julia Stiles’s character, which is good, because the f/f part is pretty minor. There’s not much more outside what I already giffed and posted. I did like it, though, I thought they were interesting and at times sweet. I would say to try the first ep and if you don’t like it, try just their scenes if they’re available somewhere.