It’ll be kind of devastating if Two doesn’t remember anything from her Rebecca period when Shaw has such a small survival window. Like, if she ultimately gets all her memories back and series end how cruel would it be that she remembers she was face-to-face with Shaw one last time(s) and didn’t hesitate to walk away. Hoping they do flesh out this storyline a bit more. I’m also very interested to see how Rebecca transitioning into Portia.

I hope it wasn’t too awful, what changed her. Like, I’m sure something pretty awful is lurking behind Alternate Portia’s attitude, so I don’t want to see a whole lot of cruelty and trauma.

Oh, I didn’t even think about that first part till you said it. That would be very tragic and angsty, aw. They deserve better than that! But I don’t really know…sometimes something so major happens that you can pull back and see it more for the decisions writers/showrunners/producers/networks are making behind the scenes than the characters’ story, if that makes sense? In this case, to bring in this major f/f storyline, I don’t really know if simply having it exist in the past is enough and going forward they don’t give it enough thought or care so that the possibility you mention could even happen? 

The showrunner mentioned there’s still a lot open but like, you know, that doesn’t ensure anything, and the show could get cancelled, and we know from history that it doesn’t even have to be deliberate, when it comes to f/f stories, the treatment is so different and can be so lacking. I think…I hope, at least, that we will definitely get some more Shaw and Rebecca interaction, but Two remembering would be such a major shift in the show, I don’t know if they’d go there anytime soon, if ever.